Dear guests restaurants Salas,

may not know is the extent, for local people and your favorite piece of precious land area.

historiaYou are in places where once in the embrace of mountains mountains Tribeč chúlila cottage, which has until the end of World War II in 1945 reeve shepherd with his sheep, grazing on something above the chalets.

After the cancellation of sheep cottage long yawning emptiness. A young and growing city came new and new people, mostly young, who wanted to have fun after work.

It is this location in picturesque surroundings, away from the bustle of the city, was the most appropriate place, then that city officials chose to have fun and relax.

In the rear of the building was once poor service one bedroom apartment, later converted into a cozy tavern.

To this day, our grandparents or parents mentioned the gazebo in the middle of the Court, in which the winning band of rag roztancované ablaze with lanterns overhead baviacich the Partizánčanov.

Even today, many read melodies and songs Gálisovcov singer Hany Gálisová. Behind the building, the mountain is vynímalo wooden podium, which for example, peace and the May Festival enjoyed my performance Folk Janosik, or niche filled by the last resort enjoying Ivan Salas is inaccessible Oldo Hlavacek and Marián Labuda.

salasA count or would not be a wedding celebration that lived here. Simply, Chalet Restaurant was the birth of her most popular place for meetings, entertainment and comfort. And so it is today, when after years of silence has changed its face beyond recognition. This, however, lost none of its attractiveness to a particular sort of radiation well-being.

Prirátajúc to have quality service and now have reason to come back, dear customer, back to this magical place, breathing history itself Partizanske.